What Type of Conservatory Roofs Are Available

Conservatories first rose in popularity around the 17th century. It was the time when glass architecture became widely used at homes. Conservatories are built to provide sunlight and controlled temperature to support the growth of these plants, which would otherwise cease to grow in colder climates.

A conservatory is often confused with an orangery. Basically, conservatories have more glass structures than orangeries. The roof is also lighter compared to an orangery roof. However, modern conservatory roofing is almost indistinguishable from an orangery roof.

Modern Conservatory Roofs

The common modern conservatory roofs available are Victorian, Edwardian, Gable, Double Hipped, P-shaped and Lean-To. Victorian conservatories are a classic conservatory design with roofing that suits a rounded and multifaceted wall panel. Victorian conservatory designs suit large and bungalow homes. Edwardian conservatory is the most preferred conservatory design due to its simplicity and versatility. Edwardian conservatories have a rectangular design that looks natural as a home extension. Internal space is utilized well. Edwardian conservatories are also built as an extension to living rooms and dining rooms. This design suits bungalows well.

Gable conservatories are very much like Edwardian conservatories with a different roof design. The front resembles a sunburst design which makes it suitable for any building size. Double hipped conservatories have a pitched roof that is noticeable on all sides. This design suits larger conservatories and homes. Lean-to conservatories have a single slanted roof panel. It appears non-imposing and suits bungalows perfectly. P-shaped conservatories are a combination of Gable, Edwardian and Victorian conservatories. It provides a wide angle view yet it can be built unto bungalows.